The Wingham Perennial Project


Back in February, the Parish Council received an email from a resident reflecting on various matters in the village including the planting of some of our borders. At their March meeting, Councillors considered this email and very willingly accepted Jocie Prebble’s offer of a generous donation towards the cost of planting perennials at the High Street pedestrian crossing in memory of her late husband, Richard Prebble.

Jocie said, “Richard loved the village and always used the crossing to get to either the pub or newsagents whilst walking our dog Ghillie.”

You may have seen Jocie and Kerry realising the start of this project on the 18 June by planting a large range of perennials, after Dave Ivatt had re-dug the borders the previous weekend. Jocie has been out most evenings watering to keep everything alive in this heat. Many thanks to Karin Lewis at the Dental Practice for supplying the water and tap!

We’d love for the project to continue but need your help. We would like to add snowdrops to the borders later in the year, and therefore invite Wingham residents to donate bulbs in memory of a loved one or someone special to them. Further details will follow in future village publications, facebook and this website, but please feel free to contact Kerry if you think this is a good idea and would like to participate.

We would also like to recycle the numerous plastic plant pots of various sizes left over so if you would like any, please contact Kerry.


some more photos of the crossing:-