The Parish Council owns twelve allotments which are located at Elgars Field on Preston Hill. The annual rent for the six large allotments is £25 .The annual rent for the six smaller allotments is £13 per year. Further details are available from the Clerk.

Recreational Facilities
The Council owns two areas of land in the village:  Elgars Field, Preston Hill, which is an open recreational area with trees, bench and picnic table plus allotments, dedicated through Fields in Trust in 2015 as a Centenary Field; and the Recreation Ground, Goodnestone Road.  The land was purchased for use a recreation ground for the benefit of the whole community.  The Youth Shelter near the Goodnestone Road entrance was added to the grounds in 2001 and in 2012 Wingham Recreation Ground was the first field in Kent to be protected through Fields in Trust as a Queen Elizabeth II Field In Trust, ensuring its use as an area of recreation for all time.  In 2017, the project to refurbish the council’s play area and to build a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at the Recreation Ground was completed and the council won the Fields in Trust ‘Best Play Initiative’ award in November 2017 for the project.  All areas of the Recreation Ground, apart from the Play Area and MUGA, are leased to the Trustees of the Recreation Ground and managed by the Recreation Ground Committee. The Committee provides a Club House and facilities for football, cricket, tennis, bat & trap and darts. 

Bus Shelters
The Council owns and maintains four bus shelters:

  1. A metal bus shelter by St Mary’s Church on Canterbury Road
  2. A brick bus shelter in the High Street by St Mary’s Meadow
  3. A metal and brick shelter in the High Street by Sweetlove Place
  4. A green metal bus shelter at The Paddock, High Street

Street Furniture
The Council owns various items of street furniture in the village:

  • 9 public seats
  • 7 bench seats & a picnic table
  • 2 salt-grit bins (adjacent to WCs in St Mary’s Meadow)
  • 4 notice boards (2 in the High Street, 1 at Wingham Green and 1 in Staple Road)
  • Commemorative Planter 
  • 3 Speed Indicator Devices (plus poles/brackets)
  • Defibrillator kiosk (previously BT phone box)
  • Village Sign (Red Lion Corner)
  • Flagpole (RBL Garden)

The Council owns the footway light located on the footway between Harris’s Alley and South Court.

Public Conveniences
The public conveniences at the entrance to St Mary’s Meadow are owned by the District Council but the Parish Council pays for the maintenance and running costs of the facility.