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Our current PCSO Luke Sanderson can be contacted via 101.  For further information, visit the Kent Police website.  You can now also report a 101 incident online; click HERE

Slavery still exists.  Know the signs – if you can see victims, be their voice.  In the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking, Kent Police has launched an awareness and prevention campaign targeting the residents and business communities of Kent.  Although awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking is growing, the signs are often hidden – making victims harder to recognise and more vulnerable.  While the vast number businesses work legitimately and above the law, a small number of employers exploit their workers, often unregulated. 

How you can help  We’re encouraging everyone to know the signs of slavery and report suspicious behaviour to the National Modern Slavery Helpline: 08000 121 700.

For the latest information about human trafficking and modern slavery, including campaign materials:

Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime – this 20 page leaflet is a joint initiative of the South East Regional Forces and gives lots of information on how to report various crimes and provides relevant contact numbers.

To contact the Kent Police & Crime Commissioner, click HERE