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Since January 2017 Dover District Council has received over 1000 reports of fly tipping.  In around 70% of cases the waste found fly tipped was household waste.  Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 householders have a duty of care to ensure that their waste is only transferred to an authorised person.  In the majority of cases investigated it was identified that waste had been collected by cold callers who were offering cheap removal of the waste.  In almost all of these cases the householders had not been aware that they had a duty to ensure that their waste was only transferred to an authorised person and had made no checks to ensure this.

It is hoped that by reminding residents of their legal responsibilities, they will conduct the relevant checks and therefore prevent or reduce the number of incidents of fly tipping within our District.

Members of the public can email DDC with details of fly tipping by sending the information to or by using the DDC online form

Fly tipping is a problem in Wingham and is frequently seen – PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN