DDC Community Safety Update – Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security Reminder

Community Safety partners at Kent Police are reminding everyone about vehicle security, and have issued the following advice:

There are many items on the market to help reduce the risk that your vehicle will be the targeted by thieves, and any security device you can implement will add another layer of security and delay any potential offender.

Some car parks have achieved the Safer Parking award and display the Park Mark signs proving that they have met security criteria hence making them a safer place to leave your vehicle. Look out for these car parks.

If you can garage your vehicle, you will reduce the risk of your car being targeted, however for the times you have to park on a driveway, on the road or in a public car park, here are some helpful tips:

  • Garage your car whenever possible
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Locks or other security devices act as a deterrent – steering locks and gear locks are inexpensive and easy to fit
  • Consider installing an immobiliser or an alarm
  • Fit locking wheel nuts – they are inexpensive and easy to fit
  • Keep your keys in a safe place at all times. Remove keys from the ignition when you leave your vehicle – even for a few seconds
  • Have your registration no. or part of Vehicle ID no. etched onto the glass surfaces
  • Stereos and Sat Navs are some of the most sought after items – get one that is totally or partly removable and do not leave the support cradle in place or suction pad marks on the windscreen
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle – a coat on the back seat is a target for a thief
  • Consider marking all your property – especially the items you frequently take in the car
  • Lock all doors, windows and sunroof every time you leave your car, however briefly
  • Lockable fuel caps are advisable
  • Anti tamper number plate screws are available on the market
  • Don’t leave tools in your vehicle overnight – if items/tools must be left overnight, record serial numbers and mark with UV pens, this will aid identification if stolen.

To report a crime in progress or if someone’s life is at risk, please dial 999, otherwise incidents can be reported to 101. If you want to give information about any crime anonymously, please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Neighbourhood Team via 101.