DDC Community Safety Update – illicit recreational drugs

Community Safety

Partner agencies have issued the following public health message:

Kent Health Experts Urge Vigilance

Kent health experts are urging users of illicit recreational drugs to be vigilant following a number of hospital admissions.

Kent Police, health providers and Kent County Council’s Public Health team are investigating a number of incidents after East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust treated 11 patients in the past two weeks. Clinicians are concerned with the seriousness of the symptoms that patients have presented with as these are life-threatening and have included agitation, delirium and loss of consciousness.

Early toxicology reports suggest some of the patients had taken Novel Psychoactive Substances (specifically one mimicking cannabis). Health professionals are concerned for the welfare of people in east Kent who are taking recreational drugs as they report that people can feel unwell for a few days before developing critical symptoms. Anyone who feels they may be affected should seek urgent medical attention.

KCC Public Health – which commissions and advises on drug and alcohol misuse services – has advised its service providers to alert their users and urge people to be vigilant, careful and avoid ingesting unknown substances.

Kent Police is investigating potential offences around the supply of drugs and would ask anyone with information to contact them on 101 or report it to Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.