PLEASE NOTE: Elections will be held this May 2019.  If you would like to consider becoming a Parish Councillor, visit our information page by clicking HERE to find out more.
CLERK: Mrs Kerry Coltham
4 Hillside Cottages, Preston Hill, Wingham CT3 1BY
Tel: 01227 722189
Bryan Curtis, Chairman
82 High Street, Wingham, CT3 1DE
Tel: 01227 720821
Sharon Addis, Vice-Chairman, KALC Dover Area Cmte Rep & Planning Committee
Farmer’s Field, Preston Hill, Wingham, CT3 1BY
Tel : 01227 721873
Chris Baker, Planning Committee Chairman
The Studio, Harris’s Alley, High Street, Wingham CT3 1AE
Tel: 01227 722600
Enid Brice, Planning Committee, Village Hall Cmte rep & KALC Dover Area Cmte rep
1 Cornerways, Watercress Lane, Wingham Well CT3 1NR
Tel: 01227 720420
Bob Catt, Planning Committee, Internal Financial Control, Allotments rep
19 Palmer Road, Wingham CT5 1BS
Tel : 01227 721690
Dan Collins
110 High Street, Wingham CT3 1BU
Tel: 01227 905254
Russell Graydon, AED & Property Maintenance checks, Rec Ground Rep
3 Wenderton Farm Cottages, Wenderton Lane, Wingham CT3 1EL
Tel: 07734 066370
Peter Prebble
15 Mill Road, Wingham CT3 1NJ
Tel: 01227 722256 
Pat Young,  SID statistics, Speedwatch coordinator
Holly Cottage, Preston Hill, Wingham CT3 1DB