Building a community of alternative homes for ‘outdoorsy’ cats

At RSPCA Canterbury and District Animal Centre we are looking to build a community of possible alternative homes for some of our more outdoorsy cats. We always have cats come in to our care that missed out on socialisation with humans at crucial stages in their development as kittens meaning they are nervous of people for the rest of their lives. Much as we might see a cat snuggled up on the sofa as an ideal home, this is not the case for all cats, and those that have not had contact with humans as young kittens would not cope in a traditional home environment.

In order to help these cats find the stress-free life they deserve, we need to find people with large outside space and shelter who would be willing to offer this as a home for a cat. This could be anything from a shed in a large garden to a barn in a farmyard and everything in between. If you have always wanted to have a cat but have allergies, then a cat seeking an alternative home would be perfect as they wouldn’t want to come inside the house! All people would need to do is provide food, water and shelter and monitor the cat from a distance. Some of the cats looking for alternative homes would be quite happy to interact with people on their own terms, others would rather people kept their distance but would certainly help with pest control.

The reward of offering a cat an alternative home? Restoring a cat’s faith in humanity and allowing it to find happiness.

Some of our cats looking for alternative homes are: Brian, Stumpy, Octavia, Athena, Robin and Kuching

If you would like to know more please give us a call on 01227 719113 or email us at

What you need to provide: 

  • Shelter
  • Daily and dependable food supply
  • Fresh water daily
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