A257 Plan


County Councillors, District Councillors, Parish Councillors, Kent County Council Highways Officers, Kent Police and Kent Association of Local Council representatives all attended the launch of the A257 Plan in Wingham on Friday 28 September 2018.  The group Chairman, Cllr Bryan Curtis, welcomed guests and made his introduction.  This was followed by an excellent presentation by Cllr Kim Tatman, after which guests were invited to collect their copy of the plan and view the displays showing ‘hot spots’ along the A257 and to discuss the issues with A257 group members.

The A257 Traffic Group was formed in 2010 because it was recognised that issues resulting from volume and size of traffic, accident levels, driving which is unsafe for the road architecture, and increased housing development, were affecting much of the A257. The A257 is seen as being dangerous for road users and pedestrians, and no longer fit for purpose.  It was strongly felt that similar issues affected residents along the length of the A257 and that Parish Councils and resident associations should combine their experience and local knowledge to document issues and provide a solid fact-based foundation for future discussions and to make proposals which would alleviate the issues.

The Group have now consolidated the views of its representatives and formulated a single Plan for the A257 plus its principle junctions and feeder roads. The Plan provides an accurate documentation of the facts surrounding the key issues and drivers and a means of communicating these with others who may not otherwise appreciate the severity of the issues involved.

The A257 Traffic Group believes it is now important for KCC to work through the proposals, together with the Group, to resolve the issues in the most effective way possible. Following launch of the A257 Plan, it is now the focus of the Group to make sure it happens.

To read the full plan, click HERE